What is eMyPA?

eMyPA is an Enterprise Contact Engagement software that empowers employees to collect information from their clients, prospects, colleagues, etc., in real time on their mobile.

Who can use eMyPA?

eMyPA is best suited for sales teams who are mobile/in field. The enterprise uses the information about the interactions that its workforce has with its clients, prospects and other externals parties in effective decision making.

How will eMyPA benefit me?

eMyPA helps you understand and track information from your field sales team in real-time. Usage of eMyPA Mobile App will enable your enterprise to:

  • Increase Sales Force Productivity (no paper reports, Gather relevant information accurately as it is generated)
  • Reduce Cost (Use same number of salespersons to spend more time with more customers)
  • Have Delighted Customers (Offer the right product to the right customer at the right time)

Which department/function would eMyPA be useful for?

eMyPA would be useful to Sales function that has a large number of people distributed geographically. The real time information like Minutes-of-Meeting, Commitments, Action Items, etc., that they collect from interactions with their clients, prospects and partners can be used by the enterprise in making effective decisions.

What type of data can be collected with eMyPA?

eMyPA is capable of collecting any and all information that an enterprise considers critical and useful to grow and sustain its business.

Some of the data points that can be collected are:

  • Minutes of Meeting - Key discussion points and decisions taken
  • Client context - Role in Decision Making Process, Motivation drivers, etc.
  • Action Items - Record of commitments given or taken and track them

How can our company use the data collected using eMyPA?

Information collected by the employees can be used to generate reports and dashboards that enable managers to take informed decisions.

How does eMyPA work?

It consists of a mobile app on Android and iOS that is made available to the employees. They use the app to capture any information relevant to their enterprise that they are tasked with collecting while they are on the move. The information collected by the enterprise workforce is uploaded to the cloud server.

Will my data be secure in eMyPA?

Yes. eMyPA uses industry standard proven 128-bit Secure Socket Layer connection to allow its users to access their data. This ensures that only you or your authorized parties who have the login and password credentials can access your data. No employee of eMyPA will have access to your data except for the purpose of taking backups for safe keeping.

Where is eMyPA Hosted?

eMyPA Application and database is hosted on a reliable cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

How do I sign up to use eMyPA?

eMyPA is offered to enterprise users. If your enterprise would like to use our solution then click on Request a Demo and we would get in touch with you.

Can we try the app before we decide to sign up?

Yes. You can access a 15-day trial license of our solution by clicking on Request a Demo. There no credit card required for sign up.

How can I access my data?

The data on eMyPA is accessible to the users on their smartphones. eMyPA mobile app is available on Play Store and App Store. Users registered with eMyPA can download the app on their respective phone and login using their credentials. The data would be available on their app.

Can I customize the app for my Enterprise?

Absolutely! eMyPA can be customized to enable an enterprise to collect information relevant to its business. Please get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected] with your requirement and we shall revert with a custom app that you would be able to pilot with selected users in your enterprise.

Can the data from eMyPA be shared with my Enterprise Applications?

Yes. eMyPA can interface with other Enterprise Applications and share data with them. We can expose our APIs to your applications to pull data. Please connect with us on [email protected] and we would be very happy to help you with this.

Can the user access the data that has been collected?

Yes. The user has access to their data at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. They can add, view and modify data as they go about their daily activities.

Will my data be safe with eMyPA?

At eMyPA we believe that this is your data and it remains yours forever. Putting it in eMyPA does not change its ownership status. We will never look at it, analyse it, share it, use it to target ads, data mine it, etc., unless you ask us to specifically do any of these things for you. Our business does not depend on monetizing your data in any way. Rather it depends on building trust and providing a great service such that more and more people choose to sign up and use our solution.

Have more question?

Write to us and we will get back to you with all relevant details.

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