Three steps to make your sales team more productive

30 June 2018, emypa


A typical day of a salesperson who is selling to another business (B2B Sales) would involve these key activities –

  • Planning & Prospecting,
  • Interfacing  
  • Reporting.

Planning & Prospecting involves identifying a potential customer (prospect)

Interfacing involves interacting with the identified prospect to better understand their needs and overcome their objections

Reporting involves the documentation of the sales process using a Customer Relationship Management tool.

In a B2B sales scenario the salesperson would oftentimes be dealing with a team of people from the prospective buying organization. This would require the salesperson to carefully understand and interpret the role played by each person in the buying team.  There would be a Decision Maker, one or more Influencers, one or more Blockers and several Stakeholders in the buying team. It becomes the salesperson’s responsibility to ensure that the role players in the buying team are correctly identified. In addition the salesperson would also have to ensure that the rationale, nature, likes and dislikes, preferences, relationships, etc., of each and every member of the buying team is sought and captured. This will enable him and other members of the sales team to adopt a communication style that best suits the individual role player who they are interacting with.

At eMyPA we have focussed our efforts at helping sales teams to capture this information in the most optimal way. Our mobile solution is designed to enable a salesperson to capture in a jiffy the following information during or soon after their interaction with the client:

  1. Context Information Customized to Enterprise

At eMyPA we understood that the context information relevant to B2B salesperson can vary between enterprises. Therefore we designed our mobile app to be flexible to accommodate the needs of any enterprise. Our app can have a custom designed template that enables the salesperson to capture exactly that information that they seek when they interact with their customers. This also acts as a checklist for the salesperson on their field visits.

  1. Accuracy of data capture

Making notes of the key discussion points is a critical part of the documentation process. eMyPA enables the salesperson to capture the key discussion points during or soon after the meeting. This information can be most accurately captured as it is generated or soon after, when the event is fresh in the salesperson’s mind.

  1. Minutes of the Meeting

Keeping a record of the meetings, documenting the action items identified, the commitments made and the date by which they have to be completed is a critical element of the salesperson’s responsibility. eMyPA provides this feature of documenting the Minutes of Meeting with their clients to keep a record of the same for future reference.

We have observed that a disciplined use of eMyPA mobile app enables a B2B Salesperson to gather accurate information from the clients, share it with the team and use it to pitch the right product to the right customer at the right time.