Tags – The Key to Organising

14 March 2017, emypa


A large collection of data of any type can be very intimidating to any individual. Especially so when this data has been collected over a significantly long period of time. This is the ideal situation for using a Tag.

Tags are identifiers or flags that act as a marker to the users. They indicate something of importance that stands out from a large collection of information. This is akin to using Post-It markers on the pages in a book to mark the relevant pages for reference. People use tags to capture a context around which an information is generated or received.

Tags are typically used in the following situations:

  • To mark important pieces of communication like emails, notifications, etc.
  • To identify or categorize Contacts in a Contact Book,
  • To classify Documents stored in a repository

Some of the advantages of using Tags are:

  • Organizing and bringing order to large randomly collected information
  • Grouping of common items together
  • Making Searching for specific information in a large collection faster

eMyPA mobile app has been designed to enable users to Tag a contact as soon as the first connection is made and the contact’s business card has been captured. It also enables the user to define multiple tags to the same contact to enable finer classification of contacts.

Tagging of contacts and other information in a disciplined way will enable a user to get organized with her data collection. Getting organized leads to increased productivity of the user. Increased productivity is the path to superior performance and achievement of larger goals for self and organization.