How eMyPA helps in initiating Relationship Building?

6 November 2017, emypa


As part of prospecting for business salespersons build their network of contacts. The contacts may be made on phone, through email, networking meetings, etc. The objective of making initial contact is to understand the propensity of the individual to make a connection with you and to take the relationship forward. Imagine the situation when you are meeting/interacting with a person for the first time in your life. Somethings you would naturally like to know are:

  • How that person perceives you?
  • How you would perceive that person?
  • Was the engagement pleasant and memorable?
  • Was there something odd that you observed, etc?

Based on your perceptions on the above, you would form the first impressions of the contact and then make a judgement about taking the engagement forward. First impressions are lasting impressions. These determine whether you proceed further to build the relationship with your contact. Initial contacts would usually lead to a business card exchange. In contemporary times this has been transformed by technology with the coming of e-business cards. Click here to know the case for having and using an e-Business Card. eMyPA enables it’s users to exchange an e-business card with a contact using just an email address. The new contact receives a professional email from the user. This email contains a message of connection, the picture of the user, user’s business card (in VCF format), and the link to the user’s LinkedIn profile. This provides multiple advantages to the user:

  • The user is able to make a splendid first impression to the contact
  • The contact will get to see the user’s picture and link the name and face
  • The user’s business card in electronic form is available to be saved in the phone book and email address book
  • The contact can know more about the user through the user’s LinkedIn profile.

This becomes the perfect starting point for building a lasting relationship with a contact. Not only does the contact get the information necessary to connect and respond to the user, but this introduction also differentiates the user from other connections that the contact may have made in the course of an event. As is correctly said, well begun is half done. Therefore it is your ability to initiate the relationship with your contacts on the right note that will determine your ability to take it forward. And eMyPA will help you achieve this objective.