Capturing the Intangibles

16 February 2018, emypa


“People will sit up and take notice of you, if you sit up and take notice of what people sit up and take notice.”

 – Henry Selfridge

This famous quote from the founder of the iconic departmental store Selfridges of UK aptly summarizes the importance of capturing every step, move, like, dislike, and just about anything that a customer does that is intangible but has an effect on the decision making. This is one important aspect of every salesperson’s success – the ability to be able to “read the mind” of the prospect – and to deliver beyond what the prospect is expecting.

Salespersons develop relationships with their prospects and customers over several interactions. Each interaction is loaded with insights about what the customer’s desires, ambitions, interests, fears, etc. Not all salespeople have the ability to actively listen, observe and memorize the entire communication always. . They will have to rely on their ability to use appropriate tools and aids to help them in this process. In order to do this every salesperson in an enterprise will evolve a method that best suits her habits. The challenge for the enterprise would be to ensure that all the salespersons are provided with a tool that will aid them in capturing these intangibles in a standard and uniform manner. This will enable the enterprise to aggregate the collected information and share it across the enterprise.

To ensure that the salesperson doesn’t miss any key piece of information it will be vital that the enterprise provide them with a ready reckoner. eMyPA is an enterprise solution for such requirements. It is a mobile app that can help you create a custom template based on your requirements that is handy and renders itself easy to use by your sales team. As a salesperson is on the move, eMyPA mobile app will prompt and guide the salesperson’s interaction with the customer to ensure that the maximum amount of information is collected.

For example, the salesperson may perceive that the customer has reached out to her because he is anticipating some challenges in operations coming his way in the near future and wants to avoid it. This information when recorded by the salesperson using the eMyPA app can be used by the sales team to position the most appropriate solution at the right price to this customer, thereby increasing the chance of the sale closing quickly.

Usage of templates with eMyPA Mobile app ensures:

  • Salesperson has a ready reckoner for information collection
  • Accurate capture of relevant information – the collection of information happens as soon as it is generated, including the intangibles
  • Avoids gaps in information
  • Ensures information is available to all the relevant entities within the enterprise

It is when the salesperson is able to impress the customer with her ability to read his mind that she will be able to stand out and differentiate from the rest of the pack. It will also enable the salesperson to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time and for the right price.