Capture Business Card along with the picture of the card holder

3 January 2017, emypa


Have we met before? This is the question that often pops up in our mind when we sight a face in the crowd that seems familiar to us. All of us would have experienced such situations when we come across a person whose face seems familiar but we are unable to place when and how we may have met that person.

In the course of our business we meet several individuals in formal and informal settings. Often times these meetings are accompanied with an exchange of business cards and pleasantries. Follow up meetings may not happen due to various reasons. The cards exchanged may be forgotten and so will be the names and faces of the people in the meeting. It is possible that you may chance upon an individual whom you had met in the past but couldn’t recognize that person instantly. What would be embarrassing to you is if that person were to recognize and greet you and you are left wondering who it is and in what context you had met that person.

You would wish you could have some means of saving a person’s picture along with the business card such that you can avoid such embarrassment.

Here is a situation where eMyPA can help you. It enables you to not only capture a person’s business card but also capture the person’s picture after the card exchange. If that is not possible then worry not. eMyPA’s Smart Search can get the person’s picture for you.

Therefore, you can put your contact’s picture along with the business cards at your fingertips. With eMyPA you are prepared whenever you bump into a familiar face the next time you are in a crowd.

This would also be useful when you are meeting a person after a significant period of time. It is quite possible that you may find it difficult to recollect the face of your contact. A quick glance at the person’s card and other details in eMyPA will refresh your memory and prepare you better for the meeting.