3 Ways in which eMyPA can help a B2B Salesperson

2 July 2017, emypa


In an enterprise that is in B2B sales, a typical salesperson would have several tasks to complete in a work day. Broadly these tasks would be categorized as:

  • Prospecting & Planning

This is the activity in which the salesperson has to identify the companies (prospect) that have the potential to buy the product/service offering and the possible lead within the prospect. Gathering information about the prospect and the lead, their buying process and making initial connections with the leads follows through.

  • Interfacing with Customers

This is when the salesperson comes face to face with the lead to get a first-hand understanding of the problems that the prospect is facing. The salesperson may also share the product/service that she would be able to offer the prospect to help them overcome the problem. As B2B sales cycles last for a period of time, the salesperson may also interact with the customer over several weeks or months before the deal is finalized. These interactions would be in the nature of presentations to the buying team of the prospect, answering questions, negotiating the terms and conditions, etc.

  • Reporting and Administration

The prospecting and interfacing activities of a salesperson are considered complete only when the required reports and documentation is completed as per the company’s sales process. Many organizations use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for documentation and reporting by the sales teams. This activity is considered essential in order to enable the sales team to maintain continuity in its interactions with the clients/prospects.

Among the several challenges B2B salespersons face in the completion of their tasks the following significantly affect their productivity:

  • Getting accurate information about leads, prospects and clients

Often times there will be multiple touch points of the enterprise with the client. These touchpoints may not have been documented leading to the loss of context. The salesperson is compelled to dig up the trail and put in significant effort to build a true picture of the engagement.

  • Documentation of customer interactions

Disciplined sales persons will document all the information gathered in their interactions with the customer. Reliable surveys have been published that claim that a salesperson may spend almost 15% of the time on administrative tasks and documentation. This is a significant component of their time that could be more productively used in other activities to drive up sales.

Therefore at eMyPA we have focussed our efforts at solving this problem of sales teams in the most optimal way. Our mobile solution is designed to enable a salesperson to capture in a jiffy the following information during or soon after their interaction with the client:

  1. Context Information Customized to Enterprise

At eMyPA we understood that the context information relevant to B2B salesperson can vary between enterprises. Therefore we designed our mobile app to be flexible to accommodate the needs of any enterprise.

  1. Accuracy of data capture

Making notes of the key discussion points is a critical part of the documentation process. eMyPA enables the salesperson to capture the key discussion points during or soon after the meeting. This information can be most accurately captured as it is generated or soon after, when the event is fresh in the salesperson’s mind.

  1. Minutes of the Meeting

Keeping a record of the meetings, documenting the action items identified, the commitments made and the date by which they have to be completed is a critical element of the salesperson’s responsibility. eMyPA provides this feature of documenting the Minutes of Meeting with their clients to keep a record of the same for future reference.

We have observed that a disciplined use of eMyPA mobile app enables a B2B Salesperson to gather accurate information from the clients, share it with the team and use it to pitch the right product to the right customer at the right time.