We are a nimble startup with a simple mission

Helping our customers succeed

We are a team extremely passionate about technology options that help our customers. Our mantra “Unclutter your life” is the beacon that guides us in everything we do for our customers. In this ever increasing competitive world it is critical to get the right help. An effective and efficient Personal Assistant (PA) is something all of us long to have but are challenged in finding. When one does find an efficient PA then there are a lot many other value adding work that can be assigned rather than the mundane but critical task of managing business cards.

We help our customer organize their business cards and make them available at their fingertips. Customers can access their cards via a secure connection and a highly intuitive application that makes locating a contact a breeze. We believe having easy access to contacts anytime anywhere helps our customers get more value out of their contacts. Do tell us what else we could do for you to become more successful, we are all ears!


Ravi Shankar

Ravi ShankarFounder, Director

Ravi has been an entrepreneur for over 3 years. His desire to overcome the challenge of managing his business contacts over the years led to the creation of eMyPA.com...

Dr. V Chandrasekar

Dr. V ChandrasekarMentor, Investor

Professor Chandrasekar, till recently was Clinical Professor, Entrepreneurship at ISB. He was also the Executive Director of Wadhwani Centre for entrepreneurship Dev...

Azmi Ahmad

Azmi AhmadDirector, Product Engineering

Azmi is a passionate technology professional who likes to spend a lot of time exploring new technologies and stays on top of Innovations around. In a career spanning...

Rishi Choudhary

Rishi ChoudharyDirector, Technology

A recognized technology leader known for his meticulous and detail-oriented approach to finding hidden perspectives of problem at hand. He has extensive expertise in...