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Clients Speak

  • Managing Partner, Specialized Consultancy Firm

    Sifting through 500+ business cards in a folder is a challenge. Thanks to eMyPA I can zero in to the contact that I have in my mind with just a few key strokes.

  • Head of Strategy and Product Development, Power Marketplace

    eMyPA is the ideal solution for my company to keep all our sales, regulatory, government and vendor contacts in one database and to make it available across the organization.

  • Personal Assistant to Head of Neurosurgery, Leading Hospital

    The Notes capture in eMyPA is a boon to me. It enables me to quickly establish contact with my Doctor's patients based on the ailment for which they consulted.

  • Head of Business Development and Client Relations, HR Process Company

    eMyPA enabled me to reconnect with some of my old customers and prospects whose cards were buried deep in my drawers. With it's simple and intuitive interface I am assured that all my contacts are at my fingertips.