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Capture Minutes of Meeting

Record Minutes of Meetings with your contacts (in voice). Ensure every commitment given or taken is followed up to completion.

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How eMyPA helps in initiating Relationship Building?How eMyPA helps in initiating Relationship Building?

November 06, 2017

eMyPA enables it’s users to exchange an e-business card with a contact using just an email address. The new contact receives a professional email from the user. This email contains a message of connection, the picture of the user, user’s business card (in VCF format), and the link to the user’s LinkedIn profile

A case for an e-business cardA case for an e-business card

Aug 16, 2017

Business cards are integral to businesses across the world. So much so that when someone thinks of starting a business, the first thing they do is create their business cards. It started as a piece of paper that would share your contact details when you meet someone new to keep in touch. However, over time it evolved to become a document that reflects your brand identity. Today we are at a point in time in life when the world is seeking options to go paperless. Digital solutions are slowly but surely replacing paper based methods of information exchange. By extension this also begs the question...

3 Ways in which eMyPA can help a B2B Salesperson3 Ways in which eMyPA can help a B2B Salesperson

Jul 2, 2017

In an enterprise that is in B2B sales, a typical salesperson would have several tasks to complete in a work day. Broadly these tasks would be categorized as: Prospecting & Planning, Interfacing with Customers, Reporting and Administration, Getting accurate information about leads, prospects and clients, Documentation of customer interactions, Context Information Customized to Enterprise, Accuracy of data capture and Minutes of the Meeting