eMyPA @ INFOTEL Sri Lanka 2016

30 November 2016, emypa


INFOTEL is the largest ICT exhibition held annually in Sri Lanka since 1992. It is organized by the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS). It attracts some of the top IT Companies as well as Businesses in Sri Lanka.

This year the event was held in Colombo from 11-Nov through 13-Nov, which witnessed a footfall of over 60,000 visitors over a period of 3 days.

Bartleet IT, a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider and systems integrator, and a member of the century old Sri Lankan conglomerate – Bartleet Group, took part in INFOTEL as an exhibitor after a lapse of time. The expo served the cluster’s 3 IT companies and their partner entities greatly in showcasing their state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, while promoting their brand names to an extensive number of targeted audience in the country. As a partner of Bartleet IT, eMyPA showcased its Enterprise Contact Manager at INFOTEL. It was an ideal setting to demonstrate the power of the solution to the prospects in the market.

The eMyPA app was used to capture data from the business cards of each and every visitor (there were over 100 of them!) to the Bartleet IT stall. In addition, the app was also used to capture important contextual information like the date of the visit, product of interest, etc. This ability of the eMyPA mobile app to capture the context information along with the card impressed many visitors to the event.

The data from the business cards was digitized with over 99% accuracy. This was of tremendous importance as the business cards were received in a fast paced environment and in large numbers. It was necessary for Bartleet IT and its partners to be able to

  • Capture details of every visitor to the stall accurately from their business card
  • Capture Context information, especially the product of interest to the visitor

Raaiz Quadir, Bartleet IT’s Head of Marketing & Business Development, said

“Our booth at the INFOTEL exhibition drew a large number of visitors, out of which the majority turned out to be potential clients. Collecting and managing each of these visitors’ details with relevant contextual information would have been a strenuous task without the involvement of eMyPA.” He also added, “The app’s hassle-free approach towards data capturing has helped us greatly with our post-exhibition marketing activities.”

Another advantage of using eMyPA was the quick turnaround in getting the digitized data. The business card data was available in the mobile within minutes of being uploaded. This was combined with another feature of eMyPA – to share a Thank You note by email to the visitor. The quick response to the inquiry left many visitors impressed.

Information on the stall visitors was also available to Bartleet IT and its partners for follow-ups post INFOTEL. Usage of eMyPA at INFOTEL enabled Bartleet IT and its partners to eliminate the business card pile after the conclusion of the event!